Adigo Atabo

Physician ・ Pioneer
Presenter ・ Peacemaker

About Dr Adigo

A plastic surgeon and software engineer turned nutrition medicine physician; a thought leader in nutrition medicine technology; on a mission to normalise ecosystem medicine by creating channels for navigating interconnectedness with ease; Founder at Persomic, a data-driven, tailored nutrition therapy platform.

Founder (Persomic)

A systems medicine platform joining dots between history, symptoms and test results, for data driven, tailor made nutritional care for individuals and healthcare practitioners, to prevent and manage disease, saving time and impoving outcome.

Medical Director (Doctor Functional Medicine)

A clinic treating chronic conditions like chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, allergies, autoimmune disorders, gut disorders, cardiovascular disease, hormonal dysfunction and more, using metabolic analysis, therapeutic nutrition, exercise, stress management and environment control.

Host (Joined-Up Health)

Nutrition related health talks with leading experts exploring interconnectedness in health and disease, using a systems lens to examine links between food, biochemistry, organ function, environment, economy, culture, and technology.

Facilitator (Empathy Train)

A practise group for individuals to connect with feelings and needs, using group-based inquiry to untangle reactivity, build emotional resilience, and develop compassion. Inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Byron Katie, Robert Gonzales, and Miki Kashtan.